fbpx Plattkofel to Compatsch
Plattkofel to Compatsch

Plattkofel to Compatsch

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Start with a short hike around Plattkofel mountain with optional ascent to the Vicenza hut.  Followed by a rolling traverse across the Seiser Alm meadows.

The Langkofel and Plattkofel tower above you from Plattkofel hut. You'll start on a clockwise circuit of the group, bringing you to scenic Vicenza hut in the middle of the mountains.  From Vicenza, drop down to the Seiser Alm, for a popular and relatively moderate traverse of the Seiser Alm meadows.  The trip is only 5 hiking hours, so there is plenty of time if an early start is not in the plans.

There are numerous huts and restaurants along the way, including Vicenza early, Saltner Schwaige midday, or Gostner Schwaige (just off the trail) later in the after noon. You can buy a picnic lunch from Plattkofel if you would rather stop along the trail.


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Plattkofel hut


DD 46.504626 , 11.700891 DMS46° 30' 16.6536'' N 11° 42' 3.2076'' E



Direzione da seguire

  • Start left from Plattkofel toward Zallinger hut, making a quick right turn on trail 527 to start your circuit. You’ll start a moderate descent with nice views across the Seiser Alm meadows and Plattkofel rising to your right.
  • After perhaps an hour, the trail starts to climb through rocky scree into the center of the mountains.
  • Passing trail 527a, you'll have the option to continue up to Vicenza hut, by continuing up to trail trail 525. 
  • Rifugio Vicenza sits right in the middle of these towering peaks. It’s a steep 200 meter climb from your trail junction, so it’s not a small detour, but if you’re feeling energetic, it’s a very dramatic location and a nice place to stop for a break. Unless you’re exhausted or the weather is bad and you’re in a hurry, this is a very nice detour that puts you right in the heart of some very rugged scenery. We recommend heading up to the hut for a drink and maybe an early lunch.
  • From Vicenza hut, return back down to trail 527a, about 20 minutes, and turn right to descend 527a.
  • Follow this down and then left, very slightly uphill on 531.  Follow this scenic and easy trail (a small mountain road much of the way) past Saltner Schwaige restaurant and down to Saltria, where there is a large car park, hotel and restaurant.
  • If you want to be done hiking, there are regular buses from Saltria to Compatsch.
  • To walk, head up on trail 30, uphill from Saltria for about 40 minutes.
  • You'll follow the Steger Weg trail from here, a series of trails named for a pioneering local couple.   The trail is quite relaxing. It takes you past Ritsch Schwaige, the wonderful Gostner Schwaige (a slight detour, but worthwhile) and the Steger-Dellai hotel (originally owned by the trail’s namesake couple), before eventually reaching Compatsch, a small cluster of shops, bus and gondola stations, and hotels  that will include your stop for tonight.


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