fbpx Seiser Alm dayhike: Tierser hut
Seiser Alm dayhike: Tierser hut

Seiser Alm dayhike: Tierser hut

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A moderate loop across the Seiser Alm to Tierser hut.

There are many trails across the Seiser Alm.  This should not be taken as the definitive loop to make, but it is a very nice one, touching on the Tierser hut, crossing a rugged little pass, and traversing many beautiful meadows.

For an easier day, simply follow the first part of this hike to the Edelweiss (Alpine Star) Hütte  or Malknecthütte and return the same way.



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DD 46.540182 , 11.618454 DMS46° 32' 24.6552'' N 11° 37' 6.4344'' E


Tierser hut

Direzione da seguire

  • Start from the main interection in Compatsch, walking up the small road (trail 7) toward Panorama hotel.  
  • Just before Panorama, keep straight on 7.  You'll traverse the meadows passing a number of restaurants along the way... Goldknopf, Edelweiss (Alpine Star), Almrosen, Malknecht, and eventually Dialer hut.  This is all relatively flat, or at least rolling terrain, with great views all around.
  • Edelweiss hut is laid-back and friendly with great views.  Turning around here will give you a 4.5 mile day.
  • Malknecht hut is a little bigger and further along the trail.  Turning around here makes this a 7 mile day.
  • Continuing to Tierser: From Dialer, you'll head up to the right on the uphill trail to Tierser hut, with the Grasleiten peak to your left and the rocky Rosszähne ridge on your right.  Tierser hut is a great lunch stop if you haven't already take a break at one of the previous restaurants.
  • From just before Tierser hut, a right turn on trail 2 takes you on an easy traverse to the Rosszähne pass.
  • From the pass, the trail drops sharply, so take your time on this steep zig-zagging trail down.
  • Keep on trail 2, traversing now through somewhat marshy-meadows (the trail is pretty impressive) back toward Panorama restaurant.
  • Descend the small road, trail 7, back to Compatsch.


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