fbpx Ortisei dayhike Langkofel circuit
Ortisei dayhike Langkofel circuit

Ortisei dayhike Langkofel circuit

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A popular, rolling circuit through scenic meadows and scree fields around the Langkofel.  The first half of the hike is easier and dotted with huts, and the second half more rugged with fewer stops.

The Langkofel group, called Sassolungo in Italian, are the very impressive tall towers south-east of Ortisei and Selva.  No doubt, once you’ve seen them you’ll want to explore more.  Happily, there is a relatively moderate, although long, trail that makes a complete circuit of the group. 

It’s also a very popular trail, and you’ll want to get an early start on it to get in front of most of the crowds.  There is no water on this hike, other than what you might buy at the huts, so be sure to bring enough for a long day, especially if the day is hot.


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Passo Sella


DD 46.509182 , 11.757389 DMS46° 30' 33.0552'' N 11° 45' 26.6004'' E


Passo Sella

Direzione da seguire

  • Start with a bus from Selva to Passo Sella. The Sella mountain group to your left as you approach the pass is also very imposing, while the bunched towers of the Langkofel group jut up on your right. Buses leave from Ortisei, through Selva, and take 50 minutes to the pass from Ortisei. Check with your hotel for the current schedule.
  • Near the pass, there is a 4-star hotel (the Hotel Passo Sella Dolomiti Resort) where you will start your hike, and can get drinks or use the restroom before heading out on the trail.
  • Start by going to the south (left from the pass as you face Langkofel), uphill on the broad trail 4-557. After a short uphill hike through ski runs to Rodella, the trail flattens for a couple hours.
  • The southern half of this loop is the gentlest, and you’ll pass huts about every 40 minutes, meeting in succession the Friedrich-August, Sandro Pertini, and Plattkofel huts.
  • North from Plattkofel hut, you’ll drop down into the deep valley that separates Sassopiatto and Sassolungo, the two main towers of this mountain group.
  • The Langkofel hut (rifugio Vicenza) sits right in the middle at a natural mid-day stopping point. It’s also a steep 200 meter (about 45 minute) climb from your trail junction, so you’ll only want go there if you’re feeling energetic enough for a long day today.  Taking the extra time to get to Langkofel hut for lunch is memorable though, as it is set right in the middle of the towers, surrounded by dramatic cliffs.
  • Returning from Langkofel hut, continue around on trail 526 around the northern end of the group. This half of the hike is a bit shorter, but rockier, more wooded, and in many ways prettier than the southern section.
  • After crossing a small pass at Ciaulong, the trail wends through a delightful field of boulders, pines and alpenrose, before rising to one more small pass. At this pass, you’ll reach Comici hut, a modern building that makes a good stop for bathrooms or refreshments.
  • Ciampinoi gondola: From Comici, turn north onto trail 21a for the quick 20 minute walk to the Ciampinoi gondola. It starts slightly downhill with a short climb at the end. The gondola runs continuously (€13.50 one-way) and drops you right on the main road in Selva, where you can catch a bus back to Ortisei.
  • To complete the circuit to Sella pass, from Comici hut return along the easy, attractive path toward Passo Sella, still trail 526. This last stretch goes through another boulder field, called Citta dei Sassi (city of rocks), providing one last obstacle for tired feet before the pass. You can catch the return bus there.


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