fbpx Corvara dayhike Kostner hut and Sella
Corvara dayhike Kostner hut and Sella

Corvara dayhike Kostner hut and Sella

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The short day is a steady ascent to Kostner hut, set on a high rock balcony.  The strenuous ascent to the Piz Boé peak is great for high mountain views.

The Kostner hut sits high in the Sella group, and makes a great destination for a hike from Corvara. You can walk the whole way, but there are cable cars and buses to shorten the walk that make this an easier excursion. The Boé gondola leaves directly from Corvara, and connects to the Vallun chairlift which takes you almost all the way to the hut.

There are restaurants at Crëp de Munt, Piz Boé upper gondola station, and Kostner hut.

The optional higher trail to the Piz Boé peak is steep and rocky, and is only for hikers comfortable with heights, but rewards you with exciting views from the highest point of the Sella. To do this higher trail, it’s best to start with the gondola to Piz Boe Alpine Lodge.


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DD 46.52643 , 11.862564 DMS46° 31' 35.1480'' N 11° 51' 45.2304'' E


Kostner hut

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  • From Corvara: The lower part of this walk is pretty uneventful and can easily be skipped if you want a high walk, but there is a nice stop enroute. To walk, turn west at the Villa Pension Tony (posted 23 Lift Boé) just south of the tourist office in Corvara to cross the river. Turn left, uphill, on the road, and walk a couple hundred yards, where you’ll reach the trailhead of trail 639 just past Ciasa Burjè. Walking first through a parking lot, you’ll start uphill right away, climbing quickly and steadily through the woods, and reaching the Crëp de Munt restaurant about 1½ hrs after setting out. Crëp de Munt is a charming place to stop for drinks and views, with gourmet, proudly local dishes. A great place to sample something you’re not going to find elsewhere.
  • When it’s time to go, continue on trail 639 as it winds uphill, reaching the upper station of the Boé gondola and the very modern Piz Boe Alpine Lounge, at 2200 meters. If you’ve taken the gondola, this is where you will arrive to start the higher portion of the hike.
  • From Piz Boe Alpine Lounge: However you get here, the Piz Boe Alpine Lounge is a new, upscale mountain hut with very nice food, wine and views. Start up on trail 638 under the chairlift (or, yes, you can take the chairlift) to reach the Kostner hut about an hour from the upper gondola station.
  • The Kostner hut is a much more modest, traditional hut, at 2550 meters - a high, rocky setting that commands impressive viewd of many of the most famous peaks in the Dolomites, including the glacier-clad Marmolada to the south, the highest peak in the Dolomites. You can buy lunch at the hut.
  • For an easier day today, you can simply take the chairlift and gondola back down to Corvara. But to continue, there is a high route that you can explore and turn around at any time.
  • High route to Piz Boé: As an optional high route (best if you've taken the lift up), trail 626 continues up beyond the hut, contouring around the le Ponte peak and never straying far from the impressive cliffs of the Sella massif. About 1½ hrs from the Kostner hut, you’ll reach the junction of trail 627 coming up from the Passo Pordoi beneath the Pordoi cable car. This leads up very steeply on a rocky trail to the top of the Sella.
  • Here you are in a high, rocky world, and have a number of hut options. The rifugio Maria is easy to reach and is at the top of the cable car, making it very busy and popular, and easy to return from (take the cable car to the pass, and bus back to Corvara).
  • Fassa hut on Piz Boé, at 3152 meters, is the highest point of the Sella. This is a steep, cabled hike for those with a good head for heights, but not particularly difficult. This tiny hut has incredible views from seemingly the top of the world.
  • You can return the way you came, to Kostner hut, and descend by chairlift and gondola to Corvara, or descend by cable car or trail 627 to the Passo Pordoi, where you take a bus back to Arabba and Corvara.
  • Rifugio Maria is 7 km and about 1500 ft higher than the Kostner hut, and the Fassa hut is 670 ft higher than that, so this is a big day. This trail is for hikers comfortable with steep, rugged terrain, and is only a good option in good weather. It would be best to start with the gondola/chairlift to Kostner hut, which cuts over 3000 ft of ascent off of the hike, giving you much more time to enjoy the high, rocky world on top of the Sella.


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