fbpx Schlernhaus to Plattkofel hut
Schlernhaus to Plattkofel hut

Schlernhaus to Plattkofel hut

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A rolling traverse across high meadows and rocks leads to the charming and comfortable Plattkofel hut

The Langkofel group, called Sassolungo in Italian, is a very impressive group of peaks towering above the eastern edge of the Seiser Alm.  This moderate traverse stays high, hugging the southern flank of the Roterd ridge.  Along the way, you'll pass the handsome Tierser hut - the perfect lunch stop midway through the hike. 

The trip takes about 4-5 hiking hours, plus an optional ascent toward the Plattkofel peak if the weather is good and you would like to continue exploring. 

There’s no luggage transport to Plattkofel, so make sure you have everything you need for an overnight.


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DD 46.507342 , 11.574394 DMS46° 30' 26.4312'' N 11° 34' 27.8184'' E


Plattkofel hut

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  • The route starts on trail 1-4 leading down from Schlernhaus, where you make a quick right turn to the east onto trail 4. This starts as a mellow, gently uphill trail traversing the meadows with the Seiser Alm stretching below you on the left. It’s very pleasant and pretty, and if the weather is fine, you’ll have no reason to hurry.
  • As you approach the Roterdspitz peak ahead of you, the trail turns sharply to the right and begins a short, but rocky and steep descent to the south-side of the ridge. Take your time here with the footing. Also to stop and take in the views, with the well-known Rosengarten/Catinaccio group ahead to your right and the Tierser hut directly ahead. After a short descent, the trail traverses a steep hillside to the hut.
  • You’ll soon arrive at the spectacular Tierser/Alpe di Tires hut tucked against a cliff, a beautiful place to stop for a break or an early lunch. This is not a long day and you have plenty of time to enjoy their outdoor terrace. The jagged Rosszähne peaks (“horse teeth”) are directly above you, and other trails lead south into the Catinaccio. A large mass of a mountain reaching 2440 meters, it presents an impressively rocky landscape.
  • Leaving Tierser, trail 4 drops east from the ridge on a steep cobblestoned farm road leading down for about 45 minutes. Trail 4 is the most direct, veering off to the right to continue a gentle traverse of the meadows. Stay high and left where the trail splits down into the Duron valley to your right. Another 4 km of rolling terrain with continually changing views brings you directly to Plattkofel hut.
  • Plattkofel is a popular destination with dayhikers, and can be very busy during the day. It’s very comfortable for a hut, newly renovated with many private rooms, a boot room for wet clothes, and even an internet lounge for guests staying overnight. They have plenty of indoor seating and a large outdoor terrace for passing the afternoon.
  • Optional Plattkofel peak: If you arrive with time and energy to spare, we have a great additional exploratory excursion for you. Trail 527 leads steeply up from Plattkofel to the peak above the hut. The full climb gains over 2100 ft uphill, and might take 1½-2 hrs to reach the summit - a little less coming down. The trail starts small and gets a bit vague near the top, but is easy enough to follow if you keep a sharp eye on it.
  • You don’t need to go the whole way... even a short trip above the hut opens up impressive views of the surrounding area. But if you do reach the top, you’ll feel like the King of the World and are treated to impressively rugged views down into the center cirque of the mountain. Turn around when you get tired, if it’s getting late, if you see weather coming in, or if you just feel like heading back for a beer. See your large topo map for the full route.


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