fbpx Pozza - Mazzin - Muncion - Gardeccia
Pozza - Mazzin - Muncion - Gardeccia

Pozza - Mazzin - Muncion - Gardeccia

Photo from: Bike Competence Center

This MTB route leads slightly up through Mazzin to Muncion and Gardeccia

The route allows you riding slightly uphill on the left of the Avisio river, following the Marcialonga track up to the Mazzin village. From here the route goes southwards to the picturesque and panoramic village of Muncion, then shortly thereafter follows a curve to a shingle road towards Gardeccia. After a well deserved break in one of the many restaurants of the area, it goes back down to the valley, passing through the hamlet of Pera.

  • signal_cellular_alt Difficulty Medium
  • straighten distance 22.00 Km
  • schedule duration 2:45 h
  • arrow_drop_up elevation 872 m
  • arrow_drop_down descent 872 m
  • skip_next highest point 1949 m
  • skip_next lowest point 1313 m

Best time of year:


Safety information:

  • Plan a tour based on your skills and on the weather.
  • Proceed slowly and enjoy the view and the silence.
  • Adapt your riding style to the characteristics and the conditions of the ground.
  • Rely on the bike guides.
  • Wear adequate clothing and equipment.
  • Respect the environment surrounding you and bring your waste back.
  • Follow the path and avoid the ones prohibited to bikes.
  • Be careful on the cycling path and on routes with pedestrians.
  • Help those who need it.
  • If you come across pedestrians and hikers, warn them of your approach and slow down.


San Nicolò’s Church (Meida - Pozza di Fassa)


DD 46.428348 , 11.697159 DMS46° 25' 42.0528'' N 11° 41' 49.7724'' E


San Nicolò’s Church (Meida - Pozza di Fassa) (1341 m)

Public Transis

Public transport lines Trentino Trasporti - Val di Fassa:

  • line no. 101 Canazei - Cavalese - Trento
  • line no. 104 Cavalese - Ora - Trento
  • line no. 123 Moena - San Pellegrino Pass - Falcade

Public transport lines SAD - Val di Fassa:

  • line no. 180 Pozza di Fassa - Vigo di Fassa - Carezza Pass - Bolzano
  • line no. 471 Dolomites passes (Sella Pass, Gardena Pass, Campolongo Pass, Pordoi Pass, Fedaia Pass). Service available in summer only

Getting there

Main access points  to Val di Fassa, coming from the A22, Modena-Brennero motorway:

  • Ora / Egna exit, S.S. 48 delle Dolomiti - San Lugano Pass - Val di Fiemme - Val di Fassa (distance 45 km). At the roundabout in Moena, follow the direction of Canazei upwards;
  • Bolzano Nord exit, S.S. 241 Grande Strada delle Dolomiti - Carezza Pass -Vigo di Fassa (distance 40 km). From Vigo follow direction Canazei upwards or the direction Soraga di Fassa and Moena downwards;

Other accesses to the Val di Fassa:

  • from the A27 motorway (Venice), Belluno / Ponte nelle Alpi exit, then take S.S. 203 to Agordo and S.P. 346 to San Pellegrino Pass - Moena (Val di Fassa). At the roundabout in Moena, follow the direction of Canazei upwards;
  • from the A27 motorway (Venice), exit Belluno / Ponte nelle Alpi, S.S. 203 to Agordo / Alleghe / Rocca Pietore first and S.P.641 to Fedaia Pass - Canazei;
  • coming from Arabba, S.S.48 Pordoi Pass - Canazei;
  • from Val Gardena, S.S.242 Passo Sella - Canazei.


At the downstream station of the Buffaure cabin lift in Meida (Pozza di Fassa)

Turn-by-turn directions

Starting from the Church of San Nicolò in "Meida", take the streets Strada del Piz and Strada de Ciancoal. Cross the wide meadow until you reach the area "Piciocaa". Once you’ve left to the left the wood bridge and the Chapel to the right, continue along the cycle path (dirt road) along the Avisio River. Once reached the bridge that gives access to the hamlet of Mazzin, cross it and ascend Strèda de Chiavacia. Turn left in Strèda de Col da Chieve, then take a small dirt path, that leads to the hamlet of "Muncion". Once arrived in "Muncion", turn left and follow the road until you get to the area called "Soal". At the crossroad take the left path to ascend the ski slope and get quickly to "Gardeccia". From here ride along the path that follows the ski slope (under the Vajolet chair lifts) to return to Pera. Descend the street Strada Tita Piaz, cross the national road and take the street Troi G.F. Bernard, then turn left in Strada Jumela. Flank the Avisio River, pass the bridge on the right, and crossing again the "Ciancoal" plain pasture, you will reach the hamlet of "Meida".

Single Trail Scale STS: S1. On a trail marked S1 you will already have to deal with smaller obstacles such as flat roots and small stones. Very often you’ll find that the odd gulley or erosion damage is the reason for the raised difficulty rating. The surface may not always be firm. The gradient would have a maximum of 40%. Hairpin turns are not to be expected. On an S1 trail basic MTB technique and constant attention will be required. The trickier passages call for dosed breaking and body displacement. They should generally be ridden in a standing position. Obstacles can be rolled over.


Helmet and protective gear (gloves, kneepads and elbow pads). Clothing adequate to follow high-mountain bike trails. Puncture repair kit and first aid kit.


[There is no appointed guide for this route.]

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