fbpx Snowshoe hike to the Cròs del Cùc viewpoint
Snowshoe hike to the Cròs del Cùc viewpoint

Snowshoe hike to the Cròs del Cùc viewpoint

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A panoramic point easy to reach with snowshoes. From the top it is possible to admire the Piné Plateau in its wonderful winter landscape.

The itinerary to the Cròs del Cuc is a route loved by young and old alike for its feasibility and suggestive setting. The summit can be reached in about an hour and a half's walk with snowshoes, following the forest road that starts from the car park near the Baita Alpina hut above the village of Bedollo. The point of arrival is marked by a majestic cross and by the clearing, which affords an excellent view of the glacial mirrors of Lago delle Piazze and Serraia.

  • signal_cellular_alt Difficulty Easy
  • straighten distance 4.39 Km
  • schedule duration 1:50 h
  • arrow_drop_up elevation 191 m
  • arrow_drop_down descent 191 m
  • skip_next highest point 1508 m
  • skip_next lowest point 1322 m

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Safety information:


  • Prepare your itinerary beforehand
  • Choose an itinerary that suits your physical abilities
  • Choose suitable clothes and equipment
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Hiking by yourself is more risky; if this is the case, take a mobile phone with you
  • Leave information about your itinerary and your expected return time
  • If you are not sure about your itinerary, contact an Alpine Guide
  • Pay attention to signposts and directions that you find along your way
  • Do not hesitate in going back if you feel too tired
  • In case of emergency call 112


Bedollo - Baita Alpina


DD 46.172537 , 11.300265 DMS46° 10' 21.1332'' N 11° 18' 0.9540'' E


Panoramic point Cròs del Cùc

Public Transis

From Trento it is possible to reach the town of Bedollo with the public transport, line B402 (Trento - Nogarè - Baselga di Pinè - Montesover).

Getting there

The starting point can be reached in about 15 minutes from the public transport stop or by reaching the Baita Alpina restaurant independently with your own vehicle.


At the beginning of the forest road there is a dirt car park where you can park your vehicle.

Turn-by-turn directions

From the car park after the Baita Alpina restaurant, at the top of the village of Bedollo, proceed along the forest road until you reach the signpost indicating the route to the Cros del Cuc, which reads 'Cros del Cuc - easy path - 45 min'. At the fork, take the forest road to the right uphill. After about 40 minutes, at a last hairpin bend on the right you will again find a fork with a signpost for the viewpoint. Then take the road to the right until reaching the clearing with the large white cross in a few minutes.


Warm and waterproof winter clothes. Spare shirt, gloves, wool cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, snacks, hiking shoes and hiking poles.

It’s COMPULSORY to carry with you an avalanche rescue kit consisting of avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel.


[There is no appointed guide for this route.]

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