fbpx Pera - Muncion - Soal - Pera
Pera - Muncion - Soal - Pera

Pera - Muncion - Soal - Pera

Photo from: Mattia Rizzi

Walk to "Muncion", one of those "high" settlements, where beautiful views of Fassa’s peaks can be enjoyed. In the centre of the village, you’ll find the small church of St. Anna, decorated with frescoes by Franzeleto Bernard. Return along an evocative Via Crucis.

Starting from Pera di Fassa in Strada de Ciadenac, proceed along Ruf de Soal creek, cross it and go onto Strada de Rualp, towards Muncion, walking on the Via Crucis. Once arrived in Muncion, follow the main road up to the area called "Soal". A little bit further on, you’ll find an intersection with a path leading to the left. Take it and, shortly after, you’ll cross an easy path that follows the ski slope, right beneath Vajolet chairlift. Return to Pera, getting back to Strada Ciadenac.

«The 14 votive chapels of Via Crucis, connecting the villages of Pera and Muncion, were built by the families of Muncion and Ronch in the years 1873 and 1874. On the 26th of April 1874, the Prince-Bishop of Trento, Benedetto Riccabona de Reichenfels, gave the dean-parish priest of Fassa, Francisco Valentini, the permission to bless them. The rite was carried out on the 16th of November 1875. At the end of the last century, the walls were enforced and the roofs were restored, thanks to the help of the municipality of Pozza and of the hamlet of Pera. In a second moment, the iron gratings of the capitals were renovated, too. In the year 2000, on the occasion of the celebration of St. Anna, some new oil paintings by Tullio Bernard of Pera, representing the Stations of the Cross, were donated by the population of Muncion. » Text taken from the book "Listening to Silence" (Ascoltando il silenzio) of Circolo Rovisi; Ladin Cultural Institute of Fassa.

  • signal_cellular_alt Difficulty Medium
  • straighten distance 5.01 Km
  • schedule duration 2:40 h
  • arrow_drop_up elevation 364 m
  • arrow_drop_down descent 362 m
  • skip_next highest point 1700 m
  • skip_next lowest point 1337 m

Best time of year:


Safety information:

  1. Plan the tour according to your abilities and the weather.
  2. Enjoy the view and the silence.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing and equipment.
  4. Respect your surroundings. Remember that you are a guest of the mountain people.
  5. The route is also frequented by bicycles. Keep to the right.


Pera di Fassa (Strada de Ciadenac)


DD 46.441838 , 11.695141 DMS46° 26' 30.6168'' N 11° 41' 42.5076'' E


Pera di Fassa (Strada de Ciadenac)

Public Transis

Public transport lines Trentino Trasporti - Val di Fassa:

  • line no. 101 Canazei - Cavalese - Trento
  • line no. 104 Cavalese - Ora - Trento
  • line no. 123 Moena - San Pellegrino Pass - Falcade

Public transport lines SAD - Val di Fassa:

  • line no. 180 Vigo di Fassa - Carezza Pass - Bolzano
  • line no. 471 Dolomites passes (Sella Pass, Gardena Pass, Campolongo Pass, Pordoi Pass, Fedaia Pass). Service available in summer only

Getting there

Main access points to the valley coming from A22 Modena-Brennero motorway:

  • exit Ora/Egna, S.S. 48 delle Dolomiti - San Lugano Pass - Val di Fiemme - Val di Fassa (distance 45 km). At the roundabout in Moena (industrial area), proceed towards Canazei
  • exit Bolzano Nord, S.S. 241 Grande Strada delle Dolomiti - Carezza Pass - Vigo di Fassa (distance 40 km). From Vigo, head north for Canazei, head south for Soraga di Fassa and Moena

Other access points to Val di Fassa:

  • from A27 motorway (Venezia), exit Belluno/Ponte nelle Alpi, S.S. 203 to Agordo and S.P. 346 to San Pellegrino Pass - Moena (Val di Fassa). At the roundabout in Moena, proceed towards Canazei
  • from A27 motorway (Venezia), exit Belluno/Ponte nelle Alpi, S.S. 203 to Agordo/Alleghe/Rocca Pietore. S.P. 641 to Fedaia Pass - Canazei
  • coming from Arabba, S.S. 48 to Pordoi Pass - Canazei
  • from Val Gardena, S.S. 242 to Sella Pass - Canazei


Parking: Vajolet chairlift, near the CRM (materials collection centre) in Strada Jumela. 

Turn-by-turn directions

Start from Pera di Fassa in "Strada de Ciadenac", go on along the creek "Ruf de Soal", cross it and go onto "Strada de Rualp", follow the direction "Muncion" by walking on the Via Crucis path.

From the area called "Soal", follow the easy path, which is a slope in winter, right beneath the chair lift. If you keep on walking you will find yourself again in "Strada Ciadenac" in Pera.


Wear adequate clothing, footwear and equipment suitable for the length and grade of difficulty of trail to be taken. Always try to be self-sufficient and carry with you the necessary to face possible emergency situations and a first aid kit.


[There is no appointed guide for this route.]

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