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This beautiful walk connects the villages of Pera and Pozza to Vigo through a panoramic track unfolding at the lower foot of "Ciampedìe" between the wood and the meadows of "Sorapoza". This amusing track alternates even sections and slight slopes and proceeds with pleasant twists and turns connecting the many little valleys going down through the wood. The path is mostly shady and is equipped with tables and benches placed in the most open and panoramic points. The route starts from "Strada de la Taboca" in Pera di Fassa. Leave the last few houses turning right and climb up to a bend in the dirt road: here turn left and walk through the meadows. After a first flat section, the gradient increases gradually until you arrive at the wood. Head for Pozza (you can also start the route from here, thanks to an easy entry through "Troi de Vich" and "Strada de Chieva") and for Vigo: do not miss the fantastic view over "Costabella" and the "Valacia" range on your left. Entering through "Strada de Piz" in a few minutes you arrive to the centre of Vigo.

  • signal_cellular_alt Difficulty Easy
  • straighten distance 5.68 Km
  • schedule duration 2:03 h
  • arrow_drop_up elevation 224 m
  • arrow_drop_down descent 223 m
  • skip_next highest point 1432 m
  • skip_next lowest point 1327 m

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Safety information:

For your hikes in mountain always choose itineraries in accordance with your technical and physical abilities. Consult maps of the area to visit and check the best way to follow. If you walk in group including slower hikers, always calculate longer average times to cover the distances.

Preferably do not hike alone in mountain. Otherwise tell someone the itinerary that you are going to follow and let him know when you are back.

Check the weather forecast and, while hiking, constantly pay attention to the evolution of the weather.

If you do not feel safe, give up. In mountain, sometimes, it is better to surrender than to face the dangers deriving from bad weather conditions or from difficulties superior to one’s limits. In advance look for alternative itineraries to get back.

Bring rubbish back with you. Respect the flora and fauna. Remain on the marked tracks, avoiding to follow shortest ways, in order to avoid causing damages to vegetation and the territory. Respect local cultures andtraditions, always bearing in mind that you are a guest.


PERA DI FASSA (Strada de la Taboca)


DD 46.437925 , 11.691181 DMS46° 26' 16.5300'' N 11° 41' 28.2516'' E


VIGO DI FASSA (Strada de Piz)

Public Transis

Regular bus service operated by the bus company Trentino Trasporti in Val di Fassa:

bus line n. 101 Canazei - Cavalese - Trento

bus line n. 104 Cavalese - Ora - Trento

bus line n. 123 Moena - San Pellegrino Pass - Falcade

Regular bus service operated by the bus company SAD in Val di Fassa:

bus line n. 180 Pozza di Fassa - Vigo di Fassa - Passo Carezza - Bolzano

bus line n. 471 Dolomites Passes (Sella Pass, Gardena Pass, Campolongo Pass, Pordoi Pass, Fedaia Pass). Only in summer

Getting there

Main access points to Val di Fassa, coming from the A22, Modena-Brennero motorway:

- Ora / Egna exit, S.S. 48 delle Dolomiti - San Lugano Pass - Val di Fiemme - Val di Fassa (distance 45 km). At the roundabout in Moena, follow the direction of Canazei upwards;

- Bolzano Nord exit, S.S. 241 Grande Strada delle Dolomiti - Carezza Pass -Vigo di Fassa (distance 40 km). From Vigo follow direction Canazei upwards or the direction Soraga di Fassa and Moena downwards;

Other accesses to the Val di Fassa:

- from the A27 motorway (Venice), Belluno / Ponte nelle Alpi exit, then take S.S. 203 to Agordo and S.P. 346 to San Pellegrino Pass - Moena (Val di Fassa). At the roundabout in Moena, follow the direction of Canazei upwards;

- from the A27 motorway (Venice), exit Belluno / Ponte nelle Alpi, S.S. 203 to Agordo / Alleghe / Rocca Pietore first and S.P.641 to Fedaia Pass - Canazei;

- coming from Arabba, S.S.48 Pordoi Pass - Canazei;

- from Val Gardena, S.S.242 Passo Sella - Canazei.

Turn-by-turn directions

The route starts from "Strada de la Taboca" in Pera di Fassa (opposite the supermarket Margherita-Fassa Coop in Strada Dolomites).

The walk ends in Vigo. Come back to Pozza along the same track or, from the centre of Vigo, descend along "Strada Roma" street and "Strada de Troi de Vich" street till you reach "Minigolf Panorama" (on the right). Take "Troi de Vich" street on your left, that comes out on the main road of Pozza, from where you can reach the centre of "Meida" in few minutes.


Wear adequate clothing, footwear and equipment suitable for the length and grade of difficulty of trail to be taken. Always try to be self-sufficient and carry with you the necessary to face possible emergency situations and a first aid kit.


[There is no appointed guide for this route.]

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