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Hut Selvata

Hut Selvata

Photo from: Giorgio_@giorgioeveronica

The Brenta Dolomites within “leg’s” reach.

To discover the excitement of literally walking at the feet of the Brenta Dolomites, all you need to do is reach Rifugio Selvata.

  • signal_cellular_alt Difficulty Medium
  • straighten distance 10.73 Km
  • schedule duration 4:30 h
  • arrow_drop_up elevation 800 m
  • arrow_drop_down descent 800 m
  • skip_next highest point 1682 m
  • skip_next lowest point 1263 m

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Safety information:



1. Before leaving, prepare your itinerary well

Take note of the correct trails to take near crossroads and any refreshment points along the way, where you can stop for a break. If you can, download the track to consult it even offline.

 2. Respect the environment and choose a trail suitable for your physical preparation

When hiking in the mountains, remember to leave the sites you visit clean. In addition, take into account length, height variance and any technical difficulties of the trail you have chosen.

 3. Choose suitable equipment and gear

If you go trekking, you must have technical boots, water bottle, rain jacket, food, a headlight battery, any spare parts and a first-aid kit. If you hike over via ferratas or practice climbing, don’t forget the appropriate technical equipment.

 4. Consult the weather reports, …

… especially local ones, that give more specific information. This advice is especially important if you are tackling a via ferrata: before setting off, make sure the weather is stable.

5. It is always better to complete your adventure in company

This way, you can always count on mutual help in case of difficulty. In the mountains, even a simple sprain can become a problem if you are alone.

6. Share information about your itinerary with somebody

Tell friends, family or mountain hut managers which itinerary you intend to take and the estimated time of your return. This information can be essential in case of emergency.

7. Rely on a mountain professional

Alpine guides, mountain hut managers or mid-mountain guides are excellent sources for obtaining useful information on the environmental conditions of mountain routes.

8. Pay attention to the signage along the way

Follow the signage bearing information on trails (number and destination), and the indications you find along the path, namely the white and red trail signs. Always remember to bring a map of the route (paper or digital) with you.

9. Don’t hesitate to go back on your steps

If tiredness arises, if you have doubts about the route or if the weather turns bad, it is better to go back along the trail you already completed rather than risk continuing.

 10. In the event of an accident, call 112

When you call, remember to provide information on the exact location of the accident, the activity you were conducting, the number of people involved and their conditions, the weather conditions and the telephone number from which you are calling.




DD 46.151745 , 10.960469 DMS46° 9' 6.2820'' N 10° 57' 37.6884'' E


Hut Selvata

Public Transis

Trentino Trasporti - line 611, stop at the departure of the cableway.

Getting there

Motorway exit Trento nord, then direction Val di Non and Altopiano della Paganella. At the exit of the long tunnel, near the village of Mezzolombardo, we turn right on the SP 64, direction Fai della Paganella - Andalo - Molveno. Arriving in Molveno, at the round about, we find the lifts going to the Pradel Plateau.


Parking places at the departure of the cableway Molveno - Pradel or in the area (firemen)

Turn-by-turn directions

Starting from Pradel locality (1367 m), you follow trail number 340. The first part of the trail develops at the feet of the impressive south face of the Croz dell’Altissimo, in a truly breathtaking context. In the more exposed sections, the route has been obtained by digging the path out of the rock. This peculiarity gives the hiker exceptional views of Valle delle Seghe below, and of the pinnacles of the Brenta Dolomites.

Along this panoramic path, you reach Rifugio Croz dell’Altissimo (1430 m).

From here, you continue to follow trail 340 in the direction of Rifugio Selvata. After passing an ample and articulated ford, the path begins the crossing that passes beneath the pinnacles of the “Castello dei Massodi”, and then heads into the vegetation of the Conca della Selvata, where the mountain hut is located (1657 m) - the destination of the walk. 

You return along the same route.


Trekking shoes, rucksack with water, snacks and rain jacket.


[There is no appointed guide for this route.]

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