fbpx Walk to Rifugio Malga Campo di Luserna
Walk to Rifugio Malga Campo di Luserna

Walk to Rifugio Malga Campo di Luserna

Photo from: TRACCIAtour SRL

Enjoy the pastures of the Luserna plateau.

Come and relax on the wonderful meadows of Rifugio Malga Campo di Luserna, an enchanting experience for families and children.

  • signal_cellular_alt Difficulty Easy
  • straighten distance 3.13 Km
  • schedule duration 1:20 h
  • arrow_drop_up elevation 124 m
  • arrow_drop_down descent 124 m
  • skip_next highest point 1450 m
  • skip_next lowest point 1336 m

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Safety information:

In the town of Luserna, there are signs that indicate the route marked “Malga Campo”. Don’t be frightened by the indicated time of 2.00 h, as it is significantly overestimated. The route takes no more than 30 minutes at walking pace. In fact, the trail up is about 1.5 Km long, and has a cumulative elevation gain of about 120 m.


1) Prepare your itinerary

2) Choose a route that is suitable for your skill level

3) Choose suitable equipment and gear

4) Consult the snow/weather bulletins

5) Heading out on your own is more risky

6) Leave information on your itinerary and on the approximate time you expect to return

7) Do not hesitate to seek the support of a professional

8) Pay attention to the information and signs that you find along the trail

9) Do not hesitate to follow your steps backwards

10) In case of an accident, sound the alarm by calling the emergency number 112.


Please note that the practicability of the itineraries in a mountain environment is strictly linked to the contingent conditions and is therefore influenced by natural phenomena, environmental changes and weather conditions. For this reason, the information contained in this page may have changed. Before leaving for a tour, make sure the path you will approach is still accessible by contacting the owner of the mountain hut, the alpine guides or the visitor centres of the nature parks, the info offices of the local tourist board.




DD 45.920822 , 11.32538 DMS45° 55' 14.9592'' N 11° 19' 31.3680'' E


Rifugio Malga Campo di Luserna (1450m)

Getting there

SS349 della Val d’Assa. Directions for Luserna between Lavarone and Passo Vezzena.


Luserna (1330m) – Public Parking

Turn-by-turn directions

The mountain hut can be reached with a beautiful walk that starts in the picturesque town of Luserna. From the centre of the town, you follow a paved road with SAT markings for “Malga Campo - Kesar Von Kamp”. You climb along the panoramic road that crosses the meadows above the village. The road is characterised by the presence of peculiar metallic sculptures (Itinerario Cimbro dell’Immaginario). Where the paved road becomes flat, you turn left onto the path that leads directly to the beautiful clearing at the mountain hut (with this path, you take a short cut compared to the paved and forest roads).

You return along the same route.


Hiking boots/shoes. Raincoat.


[There is no appointed guide for this route.]

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