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The best itineraries in Trentino for your vacation!

Explore Trentino: download the Best Walking and Biking, Mountaineering or Snowshoeing Trails, directly from our Site for free. You can select them, filter them by activity or by difficulty. The nearest Dolomiti Waling Hotel and the vacation packages they offer are listed for each route. EXPERIENCE TRENTINO NOW! Walk with the heart, for the mind!

Map -
"Arabba" - "Pordoi Pass" - "Porta Vescovo"
straighten 13.21 Km
schedule 5:15 h
trending_up 500 m
trending_down 50 m
Panoramic hike along "Via Alpina" between the "Arabba"'s peaks.
Map -
"Arabba" – "Pordoi Pass" german Ossuary - "Arabba"
straighten 14.42 Km
schedule 4:48 h
trending_up 730 m
trending_down 729 m
Pleasant and panoramic roundtrip in the "Arabba"'s forest at the base of the "Sella" Group to the German oussary at "Pordoi" Pass
Map -
"Fodom" Valley through the "Alpina" trail
straighten 23.86 Km
schedule 9:10 h
trending_up 1677 m
trending_down 1186 m
This trail follows the "Fodom" section of the "Alpina"  yellow trail.
Map -
"Il Pifferaio magico e le palafitte" path
straighten 4.04 Km
schedule 1:30 h
trending_up 38 m
trending_down 36 m
From Fiavè follow the indications to the archaeological area, as far as the car park on the right-hand side of the main road.
Map -
"Il lago d'erba della Val Lomasona" path
straighten 2.36 Km
schedule 1:10 h
trending_up 12 m
trending_down 12 m
From the village of Dasindo, follow the signs to val Lomasona, enter the valley as far as the junction a little before the fish farm. You can leave the car here, on the side of the road. On the left you will find the wooden notice board and the start of the path which flanks the Torbiera Lomasona provincial natural park.
Map -
"Malghe" Tour
straighten 24.20 Km
schedule 3:00 h
trending_up 543 m
trending_down 1122 m
A challenging itinerary with great vistas that takes you from Monte Spinale, across dirt roads and mule tracks, to visit the many malga huts located around the Campo Carlo Magno pass.
Map -
"Maratona dles Dolomites" tour
straighten 134.14 Km
schedule 12:00 h
trending_up 4209 m
trending_down 4209 m
Test yourself at the famous amateur race course, without the anxiety of the stopwatch.
Map -
"Panoramic" tour Arabba
straighten 16.67 Km
schedule 2:30 h
trending_up 1311 m
trending_down 1310 m
Panoramic mountain bike trail from the "Porta Vescovo" peak to the "Pordoi" pass.
Map -
"Pintareni" trail
straighten 19.12 Km
schedule 7:45 h
trending_up 1454 m
trending_down 1454 m

Walk along the Leno for families with the possibility to visit the military cemetery of Geroli.


Map -
"Porta Vescovo Red"
straighten 5.73 Km
schedule 0:25 h
trending_up 3 m
trending_down 865 m
Adrenaline-pumping and exciting trail in the "Arabba" woods with an initial view of the imposing "Marmolada" glacier, the "Queen of the Dolomites".




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